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When you want to talk to the experts in roofing, get in touch with the team at Slate Roof Specialists. As our name suggests, we are skilled professionals when it comes to installing, maintaining and replacing slate roofs, however, our experienced team also have the necessary roofing skills to work with modern metal roofing and concrete, terracotta or cedar shingles.

Re Roofing

The team at Slate Roof Specialists can perform a full or partial reroofing service. Call us to see if reroofing would be the right option for you.

Roof Installation

Whether you have an older house or a brand new building, our team can complete a new roof installation that matches your home’s architectural style and meets the requirements of your budget.

Roof Repairs

From replacing broken tiles to installing new gutters and downpipes, we offer a full range of roof repairs and maintenance services.

Slate Roofing

We are the specialists in slate roofing, working with beautiful Welsh, Canadian and Spanish slates.

Roofing Installation
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Roof Installation, Repairs, Re Roofing Melbourne

For the experts in slate roofing Melbourne residents look to the qualified contractors at Slate Roof Specialists.